IOF arrested seven overnight in the West Bank

In the city of Hebron, the IOF injured Kamal al-Batash and arrested him. In the Fuwar refugee camp the IOF arrested ‘Ummar ‘Ajmiyeh and took him to an unknown location. In addition, the IOF invaded Yata, where they fired tear gas and stun grenades against locals, and imposed closures along highway 60 and in Dura. In Beit Ummar the IOF arrested Muhammad Ayman al-Khalil (18) at his home. The soldiers also raided the home of Muhammad Husseim Adi and arrested his son Ibrahim (19). The two were then taken to Etzion military base.

For our previous report on the Hebron incident:

In the Tulkarm area, the IOF arrested Loay Sati al-Ashqar from Saida. Al-Ashqar had already been incarcerated by Israel five time, and became paralyzed during his stay in Jalameh interrogation centre in 2005.,7340,L-4279230,00.html


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