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Salah Diab, Sheikh Jarrah human right defender is at risk of imprisonment

Salah Diab, prominent Sheikh Jarrah activist  court discussion was held today in Masqubia court, Jerusalem in front of judge Dotan, president of Masqubia court. 

Salah was previously trialed and convicted of assaulting settlers as an act of political persecution in attempt to crack down on Sheikh Jarrah non-violent protests. In one occasion he is charged with “pushing a settler and making him drop his phone”. Other accusations (attacking a road sign) seem ridicule non-the less. He was also accused of being a protest leaders because he served tea and coffee for the protesters.

Judge Dotan pointed out to Salah that “a reasonable person does not leave his doorstep while hearing disturbing noises but looks out the window and calls the police”. This remark should be put in context- sheikh Jarrah has a long history of suffering police brutality and a “reasonable person” would not invite the police in the neighborhood given to this record.

Salah has testified that he heard during his interrogation that the cops were seeking to frame him for something.  Salah is a sole provider  of a big family and is not a young man. He also has health issues.  Saleh imprisonment might lead to heavy personal consequences for him and his familyתמונה 


watch: Israeli police violently arrest students during a peaceful protests

Video posted by Sara Beninga on facebook

  ( Summary- This wednsday 6/03/2013 a group of Balad (A tajamoua) activists held a peaceful demonstration in support of the political prisoners of Palestinian prisoners at Har Hatzofim, hebrew university campus, Jerusalem. After the protest ended, the police assaulted and arrested 3 of the protests’ leader. The arrestees were released the day after with no charges

Eight Bet safafa protesters are still under arrest, court discussion today -Update

Bet Safafa Facebook page reports that residents of Bet Safafa protested against the planned route of road number 4 at Dov Hoz street, east Jerusalem today. The protest was pre- coordinated earlier with the Police. Despite that, police cavalry were deployed to disperse the protest, chased the protesters and injured 3 of them. Undercover policemen disguised as  protesters were spotted in the crowd attempting to provoke the protesters. 8  protesters were arrested while standing on the pavement of them 1 is a minor. The people of Bet Safafa are currently protesting in front of Moriyah police station, Talpiot. Bet Safafa FB page updated that the minor has been released.

12:23 cairo time-2.3.2013

7 Protesters from Bet Safafa are still held in custody. There will be a court discussion today regarding the extension of their arrest. The  people of Bet Safafa call on solidarity protest vigil in front of court. Accurate time and location to be announced later.