Salah Diab, Sheikh Jarrah human right defender is at risk of imprisonment

Salah Diab, prominent Sheikh Jarrah activist  court discussion was held today in Masqubia court, Jerusalem in front of judge Dotan, president of Masqubia court. 

Salah was previously trialed and convicted of assaulting settlers as an act of political persecution in attempt to crack down on Sheikh Jarrah non-violent protests. In one occasion he is charged with “pushing a settler and making him drop his phone”. Other accusations (attacking a road sign) seem ridicule non-the less. He was also accused of being a protest leaders because he served tea and coffee for the protesters.

Judge Dotan pointed out to Salah that “a reasonable person does not leave his doorstep while hearing disturbing noises but looks out the window and calls the police”. This remark should be put in context- sheikh Jarrah has a long history of suffering police brutality and a “reasonable person” would not invite the police in the neighborhood given to this record.

Salah has testified that he heard during his interrogation that the cops were seeking to frame him for something.  Salah is a sole provider  of a big family and is not a young man. He also has health issues.  Saleh imprisonment might lead to heavy personal consequences for him and his familyתמונה 

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