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African residents in south Tel Aviv targeted by second firebomb attack in two weeks (Haaretz)

Two firebombs hurled at a house in Hatikva neighborhood, less than two weeks after similar attack on homes of asylum seekers.

Ramle police is requesting another 5 days for those arrested yesterday

video has been shared by @Budour48

Ramle police is requesting another 5 days for those arrested yesterday at the demo in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

AICafé workshop 05/05: To Exist is to Resist

The upcoming Jordan Valley Solidarity workshop: To Exist is to Resist will be held in the AICafe on Saturday, May 5 at 8.00pm

Activists from Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign will deliver the workshop, sharing their; personal experiences, political ideas and how they organise popular resistance in occupied Jordan Valley. Afterwards, the space will be opened up for questions and discussion.

Jordan Valley Solidarity campaign is a grass roots network of Palestinians and internationals. Since occupation in 1967, Israel has used a range of methods to force Palestinians from their land in the Jordan Valley. Our main aim is to mobilise a civil resistance to the occupation and support Palestinian communities in area C to remain on their land.

We are going to give a short presentation about the Jordan Valley and how we are organising resistance to the occupation including;


– Introduction and our political ideas as a movement

– Legally challenging the occupation

– Our schools project

– International solidarity

– Building and rebuilding homes

– Why we use mud bricks?

– Renewable energy

– Challenges facing NGO’s including examples of normalization

court hearing for those arrested yesterday at Ramle

The people who were arrested in Ramle demo yesterday,  will be brought to court this morning in Petah Tikva. The address is Bazel 1,  on the corner of Shimshon St. the police is requesting that all arrested will remain in jail for another 4 days

14 people were brutally arrested yesterday in a demo supporting the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners

7 of those arrested tonight at the demo in solidarity with prisoners hunger strike were arrested at the local police station

7 of those arrested tonight at the demo in solidarity with prisoners hunger strike were arrested at the local police station where they came to protest the violence issued by the police. Reports that some were tazed  by the police at that incident.

see more photos here

and here

Update: Assaf Kintzer of PHR reports:  All Ramleh arrestees will be brought to trial tomorrow 4.05.2012 in front of Peace courthouse , Petah Tiqwah.

Petition to Support Human Rights Defender Dr. Meir Margalit Against Attempt of Decriminalization His Work

Support Human Rights Defender Dr. Meir Margalit

against attempt of criminalization of his support for rebuilding of demolished Palestinian homes.

הביעו תמיכה בפעיל זכויות האדם ד”ר מאיר מרגלית

כנגד ניסיונות לרדיפתו בעקבות תמיכתו בבנייה מחדש של בתים הרוסים

עברית אחרי אנגלית

As a human rights defender, Dr. Meir Margalit has been active in East Jerusalem for over two decades working both with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) and as an elected member of the Jerusalem City Council, promoting building and planning rights of Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem.  Throughout the years, the policy of the Jerusalem municipality has been to restrict Palestinians from building in East Jerusalem while Jewish settlements continue to grow.  As a consequence, Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem are left with no choice but to build their homes illegally and thereby thousands of their houses are under the constant threat of demolition.

Dr. Margalit has not only been active on the political front in an effort to change these discriminatory building policies, but has also supported the rebuilding of hundreds of homes that were demolished due to these policies that violate human rights.  He has done his work publicly and, together with others, made it possible to rebuild over 200 houses making a clear political stand that human beings have a right for housing, and for defence from discrimination.

As of late, the Israeli Ministry of Interior has began legal proceedings against Dr. Margalit under the auspice of building illegally. This is a clear attempt to scare Dr. Margalit and other human rights defenders, by criminalizing non violent protest actions.
We ask you so support Dr. Margalit and the just struggle to end house demolitions, and tell the Israeli authorities that he will not stand alone in his just cause.

Please sign the petition supporting Dr. Margalit (
Please send this email on to friends
If you would like to do more, please contact:

ד”ר מאיר מרגלית פעיל מזה למעלה משני עשורים במזרח ירושלים במסגרת עבודתו בועד הישראלי נגד הריסת בתים, וכהונתו כחבר מועצת עיריית ירושלים, שם קידם זכויות תכנון ובנייה לתושבי מזרח ירושלים הפלסטינים. במשך השנים מדיניות עיריית ירושלים תמיד היית הגבלת הבנייה הפלסטינית במזרח ירושלים, בעוד ההתנחלויות היהודיות באותו איזור המשיכו לגדול. כתוצאה מכך, תושביה הפלסטינים של ירושלים אינם יכולים לבנות באופן חוקי, ונותרים ללא ברירה פרט לבנייה ללא היתר, וכך ישנם אלפי בתים תחת איום הריסה תמידי.

ד”ר מרגלית פעיל לא רק במישורים פוליטיים לשנות מדיניות בנייה מפלה זו, אלא גם תמך בבנייה של מאות בתים שנהרסו כתוצאה ממדיניות זו המפרה זכויות אדם בסיסיות. הוא הצהיר על פעולות אלו באופן גלוי, ויחד עם אחרים, פעל לבנייתם של למעלה מ200 בתים, והעביר מסר ברור שלכל אדם יש זכות לקורת גג והגנה בפני אפלייה.

בשבועות האחרונים משרד הפנים החל בהליכים פליליים כנגד ד”ר מרגלית באשמת בנייה בלתי חוקית. זה הוא ניסיון ברור להפחיד את מאיר ופעילי זכויות אדם אחרים, על ידי רדיפה של פעילות מחאה בלתי אלימה.

אנו מבקשים את תמיכתכם בד”ר מרגלית ובמאבק הצודק כנגד הריסות בתים, ויחד נאמר לרשויות הישראליות שמאיר לא יעמוד לבד במטרתו הצודקת.

אנא חתמו על העצומה (


העבירו הלאה לחברים

המעוניינים לתמוך בדרכים נוספות מוזמנים ליצור קשר:

14 arestees in a demonstration outside Ramla Prison

14 were arrested this evening in a demonstration outside Ramla hospital prison. The demonstration was held in support of the hundreds of Palestinian prisoners hunger strike. Reports of heavy police violence towards the protesters in which one women brook her leg.

Bilal Dyab, prisoner who’s been on hunger strike for 66 days collapsed at Israeli Court

Bilal Dyab, a prisoner who’s been on hunger strike for 66 days just collapsed during his appeal at the Israeli High Court

demolition orders given today to residents of A-Azem, East Jerusalem

demolition orders given today to residents of A-Azem, East Jerusalem. 

demo of support tomorrow with 2 Palestinian prisoners at the Israeli High Court

tomorrow, Thursday,  at 10am activists will hold a demonstration in front of the Israeli High Court in support of an appeal filed by two Palestinian Political Prisoners Tair Halala and Bilal Diab. Both have been on hunger strike for the last 66 days