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IOF arrested two overnight in the West Bank

According to Israeli channel 10, the IOF arrested one man in Beita al-Tahta (southeast of Nablus) while the other was arrested in Shuyukh (southwest of Bethlehem). Both men were considered “wanted” by the occupation forces and they were transferred to unknown locations for interrogation.

UPDATE: IOF arrested Madhat Zidan Jaradat (20) at his village of Sa’ir east of Hebron. In addition, the IOF raided the town of Halhoul overnight.

Stones hurled at settlers in multiple locations

In the last few hours, stones were hurled at settlers in Shaykh Jarrah. One 28 year old settler was moderately injured. IOF is now raiding the area.

Stones were also hurled at settlers near Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem. No injuries reported.

Settlers are reporting a girl was lightly injured from stones hurled at a family of settlers near Silwan.

Molotov cocktail hurled at a settlers bus near Hizmeh. No injuries reported. The bus was slightly damaged.

Settlers flood agricultural lands

Settlers from Beitar Ilit flood the agricultural lands of Wadi Fukin, west of Bethlehem with waste water from the settlement. The affected lands extend over 50 dunums. This is not the first incident, and locals are warning from environmental damages and pollution such acts of vandalism may cause.

Stones hurled at settlers, multiple locations

הצלה יו”ש – העמוד הרשמי on Facebook is reporting stone hurling at settler vehicles: south of Bethlehem, near the settlements of Teqo’ and Efrat; south Hebron hills (also multiple locations, near the settlement Ma’ale Hever and Zif intersection), East of Qalqilia, Jit intersection, multiple locations in the city of Hebron, where a soldier was lightly injured in his face.

IOF arrested two near Bethlehem

IOF arrested two men in the Deheishe refugee camp during a nighttime raid: Jihad ‘Issa Ma’ali and Wissam ‘Abd al-Rahman Hasanat (32).

IOF arrested a schoolgirl in Hebron

According to local sources, the IOF detained Ghadir Jalal al-Batsh [according to Wafa, her name is Hadeel Jamal al-Batsh, 12 years of age] on her way back from school Tuesday evening, near the Ibrahimi mosque in the old city of Hebron, then led her to an unknown location.

Overnight, IOF maintained presence within the city of Hebron (Ras al-Jorah, ‘Ayn Sara street and other areas) and raided other towns and villages in the district – Bani Na’im and Sa’ir.

The IOF also arrested two in al-‘Aroub refugee camp north of Hebron: ‘Ummar al-Bulasi and Ahmed al-Badwi, raided Surif and conducted searches in residential homes.

And in Tuku’ east of Bethlehem, the IOF raided the home of ‘Ali Muhammad al-Ta’amreh and arrested his son, ‘Ummar (20).

IOF raided near Bethlehem, arrested a man

IOF forces are currently still in Batir, west of Bethlehem. Locals are reporting they arrested ‘Abd Burhan al-Shaykh.

Via عين على الحدث on Facebook

IOF arrested Jewish settler for stone hurling

The settler was arrested after a Palestinian driver described a young man who hurled stones at Palestinian-owned cars near the settlement Alon Shvut, southwest of Bethlehem. The Israeli police searched the area and arrested the settler. He is also being interrogated in regards to the molotov cocktail hurled at a Palestinian taxi three days ago.,7340,L-4270417,00.html

Molotov cocktail hurled at a Palestinian taxi southwest of Bethlehem

The molotov cocktail was hurledm presumably by settlers,  at a Palestinian taxi near the settlements Kfar Etzion and Bat ‘Ayn. Ynet is reporting six injuries: the driver, and a family of four from Nahalin – a 35 year old father, 27 year old mother and their two small children, 4 and five, all suffer from burns.,7340,L-4269549,00.html

Demolition near Bethlehem

Bulldozers accompanied by IOF soldiers arrived this morning to al-Khader south of Bethlehem and began to uproot olive trees, level agricultural lands and demolish a well used for irrigation. The affected plot was about 5 dunums and owned by Rizq Muhammad Salah.