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Settlers, IOF raided Nablus; Clashes ensued

About 1200 settlers raided the city of Nablus last night, accompanied by IOF. Local sources reported that nine buses full of settlers and at least eight military jeeps converged on Joseph’s tomb late last night. Local youth resisting the invasion hurled stones and, according to Israeli sources, also a makeshift grenade, at the IOF and settlers. The IOF responded with tear gas and rubber bullets near the Balata refugee camp and other areas and maintained a heavy presence in the hours following the invasion.

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IOF arrested two teens near Hebron

During a night raid in Beit Ummar, the IOF arrested Tareq Jamal Khalil Abu Hashem (18) and Muhammad Ahmed Khalil Abu Hashem (17), the latter is a former prisoner as are his father and two of his brothers. During the raid clashes erupted between the town’s youth and the invading army.

According to the Israeli radio, eight were arrested overnight all over the West Bank, in the Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron and Nablus areas.

Palestinian farmers and @Taayush activists attacked by masked Settlers, 1 Palestinian arrested

Solidarity march, South Hebron Hills, West Bank, 22.9.2012Solidarity march, South Hebron Hills, West Bank, 22.9.2012Solidarity march, South Hebron Hills, West Bank, 22.9.2012

Ta’ayush activist @Molchansky reports IOF issued a closed military zone warrant to shepherds that attempted to lead their herds near  the Palestinian village  Jawayus and Mitzpe Yair outpost. The soldiers refused to answer  questions regarding the authority and identity of the IOF soldier who signed the warrant. During the issuing of the closed military warrants and the following debate with the soldiers ,  settlers verbally harassed the farmers and activists and hurled stones towards the herd. The soldiers attempted to arrest an activist and charge with insult of public official during his service. Later on, the settlers invaded the village of Jawayush with dogs and sent the assault dogs to attack the herds. During the settlers’ invasion to Jawayus, they  pushed and shoved local residents and took photographs of solar facilities. Palestinians and activists continued attempted to march from Tawany towards the designated ground of fire zone 918 (currently palestinian land under threat of confiscation). The settlers, accompanied by soldiers prevented the march and attempted to push the Palestinians and the activists back. One Palestinian was arrested during the action.8888

Masked settlers hurled stones with slingshots near Tuba, uninterrupted by the soldiers.  The following events were documented by active stills photographer.

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IOF arrested an eight years old in Jerusalem

IOF arrested 8 years old Mu’taz Shweiki in Bir Ayub neighbourhood in Silwan during clashes with local residents.

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IOF raided Nabi Saleh overnight, arrested four

The IOF invaded the village of Nabi Saleh Monday night, broke into the home of the martyr Mustafa Tamimi and arrested his brotherZiad ‘Abd al-Rizaq (25) as well as Muhammad ‘Atiyah Tamimi (28). Soldiers broke into several homes and terrorized residents. Clashes with the village’s youth ensued, and the invading army used live ammunition. One resident, ‘Ummar Tamimi, was then seriously injured by a bullet but the army detained the ambulance carrying him to Ramallah hospital, and arrested the injured and another man accompanying him.

[UPDATE: the man accompanying ‘Ummar was released. ‘Ummar apparently was taken to Ofer military compound as were the other two detainees]

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Photos of the detainees:

Video footage:

Violent clashes in Nabi Saleh

The IOF is shooting live ammunition and rubber coated steel bullets at local youth confronting the soldiers near the main entrance to the village.

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Now: Clashes in Hebron

عين على الحدث on Facebook reporting: Clashes erupted between local youth and the occupation forces in Bab al-Zawiyeh and Ras al-Jorah.