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Israeli court extends arrest of Silwan woman

Manal Da’na was arrested almost two weeks ago in suspicion of attempting to stab an Israeli soldier. The court extended her detention until 22 October. Da’na, 32, is a resident of Silwan and a mother of two.

Declassified: 3 East Jerusalem brothers arrested in suspicion of arms manufacture and dealing

Israeli police arrested three East Jerusalem brothers suspected of both manufacturing weapons and ammunition as well as exporting and importing weapons. Two of the brothers were remanded and they will remain jailed until the end of proceedings.,7340,L-4279913,00.html

Declassified: IOF arrested four Palestinians for allegedly planning ‘terrorist attacks’

Israeli media is reporting that back in May of this year, the Israeli Intelligence unit arrested four Palestinians: Salam Bader Salam Dirdisawi (Ramallah), Ahmed Muhammad Diab Shaykh (‘Anata), Yusuf Ahmed Muhammad ‘Alian (‘Anata) and Jisan Hussam Hassan Karajeh (Safa). All four are accuse of membership in a banned organization – the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and planning to kidnap IOF soldiers in order to negotiate for the release of political prisoners. In addition, according to the IOF, the four are also accused of planning to open fire at soldiers near the Maccabim checkpoint on highway 443 and the Jaba’ checkpoint (northeast of Jerusalem).

the military court in Ofer has ordered their remand until the end of proceedings.

via הצלה יו”ש – העמוד הרשמי on Facebook,7340,L-4270655,00.html

Jerusalem Jew arrested for vandalizing Palestinian-owned cars

The Jerusalem police department arrested a 20 year old Jewish man who is suspected of racist “price tag” graffiti and slashing tires of Palestinian owned cars. The man confessed but argued that he did it because these cars were parked in his spot. His bail hearing will be held today.

Update: According to Haaretz, the suspect slashed tires of Palestinians working at “Angel” bakery in Givat Shaul neighbourhood in Jerusalem (on the lands of Deir Yassin). Also he admitted vandalizing on three separate occasions, his attorney claims his admission was coerced as the interrogators threatened the arrest of his family members.

A Jerusalem judge extended his arrest by 24 hours.

Tough verdicts reported in cases of 5 Surif village youth

5 youth of Surif village: Khaled Al-Hur,Salah Al Hour, Jamal Al-Hur,  Nour Al- Hur,   Ya’aqub Mouhamad Al Heih, all 18-19 of age were sent to serve their sentences in  military prisons.

Source: Eye on News, Facebook

Yousef Habash, National #bds committee member travel ban to be dealt in court this wednsday

Israel has prevented Yousef Habash from leaving the West Bank for the past year. The reason: he belongs to a political party.

Yousef is the public relations officer of the Union of Health Work Committees, the biggest NGO in the West Bank, and a member of the BDS National Committee.

There will be a court case in this matter on Wednesday 20 June at 11.30 a.m. in Jerusalem. HWC has asked activists and organizations to attend – Yousef obviously can’t attend himself.

Yousef has also personally asked that as many anti-colonial Israeli activists as possible attend this trial.