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IOF demolished water reservoirs south of Nablus

Local sources are reporting that three IOF bulldozers demolished two water reservoirs in the village of Jurish south of Nablus this morning.


Demolition near Bethlehem

Bulldozers accompanied by IOF soldiers arrived this morning to al-Khader south of Bethlehem and began to uproot olive trees, level agricultural lands and demolish a well used for irrigation. The affected plot was about 5 dunums and owned by Rizq Muhammad Salah.


IOF bulldozers uproot trees near Salfit

The IOF bulldozed an area known as “Biyarat al-Shala” (al-Shala grove), located west of Salfit and owned by farmers from the village of al-Masha. The territory in question extends over 1000 dunums of agricultural land, including vegetables, fruit trees and greenhouses. This demotion was staged by the IOF to prepare for a new extension of the separation wall which is planned in this area.

IOF demolished a road and set up blockages south of Hebron

This morning, bulldozers accompanied by border patrol unit leveled a 3km road connecting small villages (Umm Lutfa and al-Dirat) east of Yata. The road was funded by international aid organizations. After the demolition work was done, the IOF set up blockages to seal off the road completely. The soldiers also detained the spokesman of the Yata municipality and a driver and warned them that any Palestinians attempting to make their way through the demolished road will be severely beaten.

Settlers destroy trees west of Bethlehem

Settlers from Beitar Elite destroyed about 10 olive trees on land owned by Hilmi Hamamreh from the village of Husan and damaged several others. Uprooting trees in this area has escalated lately in an effort by settlers to displace farmers from their lands.

Demolition near Bethlehem

The IOF demolished a water well (owned by ‘Ali ‘Atiya) and an agricultural facility (which was donated by the Dutch) in al-Khader south of Bethlehem. The IOF also demolished a shelter used for agricultural purposes on a 25 square meter plot owned by Muhammad ‘Awdeh in order to annex the plot to the settlement of Efrat.

Settlers uprooted trees and vines in Beit Ummar

Settlers uprooted 25 almond trees and vines on lands belonging to Hamad ‘Abd al-Hamid al-Salibi (77) and which are adjacent to the illegal settlement of Bat ‘Ayn. These repeated attacks have resulted in the loss of hundreds of trees, which produce the only source of income for the family.