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Eviction notices in the Jordan Valley

The occupation authorities notified communities east of Jericho, in Deir Hijleh and al-Zour, they have to vacate 3000 dunums of lands that are currently being cultivated. The lands in question are Waqf (religious endowment) property and many parts of them have been cultivated by local farmers for decades. According to the notice, the farmers vacate their lands within 45 days from the receipt of this notification.

Urgent- Help needed – Save the life of a child at risk(via @_ray_V)

[1:40:15 AM] Sanguinarious Rose: Dear people,
I and other volunteers are accompanying families of children from Gaza and the West Bank who are hospitalized in Israeli hospitals (Tel Hashomer and Ichilov).
Four years old Mouhamed from Gaza has been hospitalized in Tel Hashomer for three years having had his arms and legs amputated as result of a complication of genetic disease and immune system failures. During this period his dedicated grandfather has been nursing him with great devotion. The Palestinian authority declined the request to fund Mouhamad’s hospital bill and recovery expenses. Mouhamad is currently staying at the department of MD Raz Somech, an acclaimed physician, whose work was documented at Shlomi Eldar’s film “precious life”. MD Raz Somech struggled to keep Mouhamed alive as he faced imminent risk of death several times during his hospitalization. Mouhamed might be returning to Gaza in the next few days without artificial arms or legs. His return to Gaza might be a death sentence to him as he is unable to walk without assistance, eat by himself, or do any kind of daily functions independently. His family does not have resources to suport his recovery or even hire a person to assist him with him basic needs. We are trying to raise public awareness to his cause hoping we can raise enough donation for the first phase of his recovery, that will require 50,000 NIS.

Additional info/ Background:

Dozens of Palestinian children are staying at Israeli hospitals due to the lack in resources within the Palestinian authority that are required to give them proper care. In most of the cases, the Palestinian authority covers their medical bills. Mouhamed’s story is one of the most difficult cases encountered for Mouhamed was born with a rare genetic disease that defects his digestive system. At the age of 6 months, he reached Tel Hashomer hospital, and his life was in danger. Mouhamed received dedicated medical care and his disease regressed for a while but his condition rapidly deteriorated during the last 6 month. He was transferred to the ER where he was attached to artificial respiration machine. He miraculously survived, but his legs and arms were damaged beyond repair which resulted in the doctors amputating both his arms and legs.

Despite all that, Mouhamed is a lovely boy and very resourceful in handling his difficulties. He is full of life, enjoys music, laughing, and smiling.

Now, after the wounds of the amputations healed, Mouhamed can use artificial arms and legs, but this crucial stage of recovery can’t be done as the Palestinian authority refuses to pay this medical bill.

Two months ago, after the administration of Tel Hashomer efforts to achieve funding for the treatment failed, Mouhamed was sent back to his home in Gaza.

He is staying at his grandfather’s house, the same grandfather who looked after him during the period of his hospitalization. Mouhamed’s grandfather is the only provider for his own children, and the family’s economic condition is now defined as extreme poverty, as both their home and pen (source of income) were bombed by Israeli army during a strike, in addition to the cost of looking after Mouhamed.

Mouhamed’s family rejected him because of his disability and there is no kindergarten or facility for children with special needs to treat him.

Mouhamed needs funding for his recovery process to allow him to adapt to use his artificial arms and legs to provide him the necessary life skills for minimal level of well being.

For info & making a donation call:
054-3367275 Tamar Bennet
054-7670511 Buma Inbar


In hebrew:

(Ilana Dayan’ report & bank account info)

Susiya residents face both unjust law & settlers harassment

Regavim, settlers’ NGO has appealed to court in demand to enforce demolition orders on any new constructed building in Palestinian Susya.

RHR- rabbies for human Rights has issued a request to come and support the residents of Susiya during court hearing.

This comes at a time when residents of Palestinian Susiya are already facing violence & harassment from them neighboring  settlement Susiya, that often result in denial of Palestinian residents to access their farmlands, as reported here.

Jordan Valley compiled updated: eviction& harassment by IOF

The IOF serves eviction notices in the Jordan Valley

The occupation authorities notified today four families they must evict their homes (which will then be demolished) in the Wadi al-Malih area within 24 hours.


Another Beit Hanina family received eviction notice

The family lives in a house close to the Natshe home which is currently occupied by settlers. The man behind these evictions is Ariyeh King, who, a few weeks ago, posted an ad seeking hoodlums to assist in violent evictions of Palestinians in Beit Hanina.

The current eviction is supposed to take place June 7th.

Settlers seize agricultural land in Khader

Ghaonim Salah from the village of Khader south of Bethlehem was surprised this morning, when, on his way to his farmlands, he discovered that a group of settlers had taken over the land overnight. The settlers told his that the land is now expropriated, threaten him not to enter it and declared that they are preparing it for planting.

Victory for the Ruweidi Family and for Silwan


 by:Moriel Rothman

photo credit: Activestills

We congratulate the Ruweidi family, the Wadi HilwehInformation Center and Peace Now on this victory

Last evening, on May 7th,2012, a ruling was delivered from the District Court inJerusalem concerned the case of the Ruweidi family from Silwan. The Court accepted the Ruweidis’ claim that their house is not “absentee property,” as the JNF-KKL/Himanutah, together with the extreme right wing settler organization ELAD, have sought to prove in court over the past two decades.

The JNF-KKL/Himanutah’s claim was based on a single, falsified declaration by a Palestinian man with no connection to the family or to Silwan, who claimed that the house’s owner died in Jordan (at a time in which Jordan was an enemy country to Israel), and therefore, according the Absentee Property Law, the State can wrest control over the property.

Of course, even if the claim of Absentee Property were correct, the law itself is discriminatory and anti-democratic at its foundations. There is no reason to apply this law inJerusalem, and certainly not exclusively against Palestinians. Additionally, the specific use of this law is based off a completely falsified document.

Despite the JNF-KKL’s wobby factual basis for their claim, the District Court initially accepted their argument. In 2010, the family, along with Peace Now, appealed to the Supreme Court, who in turn returned the case to the District Court, who ruled this time that justice is indeed on the side of the Ruweidis.

In addition, we at RHR and RHR-NA launched a letter campaign which called on Jews of the Diaspora to demand that the JNF recognize the Ruweidi family’s right to their home, and to cease it’s usage of the Absentee Property Law to take over other houses in Silwan.

We congratulate the Ruweidi family, the Wadi Hilweh Information Center and Peace Now on this victory, but we are aware that the struggle is not over, as the JNF-KKL may decide to appeal this decision again. Moreover, we are concerned as to whether this case will serve as a precedent concerning other instances of the Absentee Property Law being applied, specifically in Silwan.

It is important to note that the Sumarin family remains under threat of eviction by the JNF and its partners, through the Absentee Property Law. We call, again, on the JNF to cancel all efforts to take over the Sumarin property.

Israeli Supreme Court orders eviction of a house and a store in Jerusalem’s old city

Today (Monday), the Supreme Court upheld a ruling from November, and ordered the eviction of a house belonging to Ghazi Zaloum and a store owned by Isma’il Wazouz, both in the old city of Jerusalem, claiming that these are ‘pre-1948 Jewish properties.’ The owners’ lawyer, Mr. Muhammad Dahleh, added that the threat of eviction in both cases is imminent and also that both owners were forced by the court to pay for the cost of the appeal and the settlers’ legal fees.

Emergency demonstration to protest the uprooting at al-‘Arakib today

Following today’s brutal uprooting and expropriation in al-‘Arakib by the JNF and MAGAV, there will be an emergency demonstration to express our outrage and call to put an end to the organized land theft by the JNF at al-‘Arakib. The demonstration will be held at 5:30p, JNF headquarters, 43 King George street, Jerusalem.

The Hebrew text:

הפגנת זעם
נגד הנישול האלים שביצעה הקק”ל היום באדמות הכפר אל עראקיב
היום יום שני ה 7 במאי, ב 17:30
מול משרדי הקק”ל ברחוב קינג גורג 43, ירושלים
היום ה 7 במאי 2012 הגיעו ליוו מאות שוטרי מג”ב יחד עם פקחי הקרן הקיימת את הטרקטורים של הקק”ל שהחלו נטיעות המוניות באדמת אל עראקיב. הקק”ל והמדינה ואנשי אל עראקיב יודעים, שנטיעות אלה, שנועדו למנוע מאנשי אל עראקיב לגור על אדמתם, הינן נסיון להפוך את הנישול לבלתי הפיך.
יחד נקרא:
די לנישול הירוק של הקק”ל!
די למלחמת החורמה של המדינה באזרחיה הבדואים!
דיור, רווחה ושוויון זכויות לכולם!