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The invisible human- by Manal Timraz

My beloved cousin Maher Timraz died 2 days ago in Hebron without knowing that we were only 5 minutes away from each other 😦
Let me tell you how that can happen. When you are Palestinian and happen to be living in besieged Gaza but unfortunate enough to get a minor appendix infection and your gazan hospital does not have the medical equipment to treat you, then you only have one of two options, Either to Die on your way to the West Bank to the nearest better equipped hospital in Hebron while waiting for Israel to grant you a LIFE permission, or to Die on your way to Egypt while waiting for Hamas and Egypt to let you LIVE longer!! in Maher’s case he died a few minutes before reaching Al Mizaan Hospital in Hebron because of a delay from the Israelis to grant him permission to leave Gaza!! Another beloved member of my family is now ADDED to my list of SORROWS! Another NEEDLESS loss of a 32 year old loving Dad to 5 and 6 year old children!! Humanity is still in PAIN!!


One martyred, two injured in the Gaza strip

Sources in Gaza report that one man was martyred and two others injured when Israel bombed a training site for the ‘Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades in Zaytoun neighbourhood in Gaza around 10:30 this morning. Mahmoud al-Hiqi was martyred during the bombing, and the other two injured were taken to Shifa hospital.

Breaking: three injured in an Israeli shelling in the Gaza strip

Sources in Gaza are reporting three injured (one critical, two moderate) when Israeli tanks accompanied by helicopters were shelling the Shaja’iyah area east of Gaza. According to eye witnesses, a shell fell on a civilian car and set it on fire, resulting in multiple casualties.


#GazaUnderAttack 23.06.2012

  1. Yasmine_Gaza
    RT @RanaGaza: Number of injures from Saraya is rising: first it was one then five and now seven. #Gaza
  2. Yasmine_Gaza
    The Israeli warplanes have targeted central and northern #Gaza , 2 injuries were reported so far! No ceasefire, Gaza is still under attack!

The IOF arrested six fishermen off the coast of Gaza

The Israeli naval forces reportedly opened fire and then forced the fishermen to swim into Israeli naval territory. Their boats were also confiscated. The six fishermen are: Salah Abu Warda, Na’aman al-Siksik, ‘Abed Subhi Sa’d Allah, Mahmoud Muhammad Abu Warda, Hazem Saleh Abu Warda, and Muhammad Matar.

#Gazaunderattack: F16 planes flying over #Gaza, IAF drone strikes reported, Izz A din Al qassam brigades vow for retaliation

IOF arrested 4 fishermen off the Gaza shores

Eye witnesses reported the IOF navy targeted the fishing boat with machine gun before boarding the boat and arresting four people: Muhammad Subhi Sa’adallah (28), his brother Ashraf Subhi Sa’adallah (32), Mahmoud Ahmad Matar (27) and Muhammad Muhammad al-Suri (25).