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IOF arrested seven overnight in the West Bank

The IOF arrested Mujahed Muhammad Jaradat from Silat al-Harthiya while he was in Barta’a al-Sharqiyeh, south of Jenin. The soldiers invaded the town, insulted local women and also used racial slurs towards Muslims.

In the village of ‘Azoun east of Qalqilia, the IOF arrested Ya’qub Ghazi ‘Ali Suwidan (22) and Muhammad Zaharan Ibrahim Suwidan (20).

In Beit Ummar just north of Hebron, the IOF arrested Hamza Ahmed Abu Hashem (14) and Sabri Ibrahim ‘Awad (17). Three more people were arrested in Beit ‘Awa.

In the Hebron area, the IOF raided and set up roadblocks in several villages and towns: Beit ‘Aynun, Beit Kahil, Yata, Dura, Sa’ir, Beit Ummar, Samu’, Idhna and several neighbourhoods within the city of Hebron itself.


Arrests and raids roundup

The IOF raided the Fuwar refugee camp south of Hebron and arrested ‘Ali Muhammad Abu Wardeh (47) during a search at his house. In addition, the IOF raided Yata, Idhna and parts of the city of Hebron.

The IOF raided Deir Samet west of Hebron and arrested Mussa ‘Ali Hassan al-‘Adam (32), Iyad Muhammad al-Haroub (31), both former political prisoners. In addition, the invading soldiers also arrested ‘Ali Mahmoud Muhammad al-Haroub (36), a teacher and the brother of Iyad, as well as Majdi Rajah ‘Awda al-Haroub (27).

In the city of Nablus, the invading Israeli army arrested Muhammad Sa’id (18) from al-‘Ayn refugee camp. The IOF raided several areas of the city, including al-Quds and Haifa streets.

In the Jenin area, the IOF detained Basel Muhammad Jamal Jabbarin (32) from the village of Taybeh and Ahmed ‘Abdullah Abu Taleb (30) from the village of Zububa. The two were detained be soldiers at the entrance to the village of Zububa and were taken to Salem military base for questioning. In the meantime, the IOF raided Jabbarin’s house in Taybeh west of Jenin and conducted a thorough search.

IOF arrested 14 overnight in the West Bank

In the village of Qaddum near Qalqilia, the IOF arrested five: Haj Muyed Ashteiwi (55), Awas ‘Amer (23), Ahmed ‘Amer (23), Muhammad ‘Amer (24) and Wassim Ashteiwi (24). In addition, a soldier hurled a tear gas grenade in the house of Murad Ashteiwi, the coordinator of the weekly demonstrations, and injured his wife (26) and his children Khaled (7), Noor (5) and Muamin (3), all suffering from severe cases of asphyxiation.

In Qabatiya south of Jenin, the IOF arrested Najib ‘Abdullah Khalil Abu al-Rub (35).

Clashes broke out between the invading army and local youth in Ya’bad, west of Jenin. The soldiers used stun grenades and tear gas, suffocating many. One woman had to be taken to hospital for medical treatment.

The IOF raided Tulkarm this morning and enhanced its presence in its streets.

Video: Arrests in the village of Qaddum

Stones hurled at settler’s car near Jenin

A settler from Mevo Dotan reported his car was damaged after stones were hurled at him while he was driving  southwest of Jenin, close to Ya’bad.

Via הצלה יו”ש – העמוד הרשמי on Facebook

IOF arrested man near Jenin

The IOF raided the village of Yamoun (west of Jenin), broke into the home of Sa’id Sha’ban (52) and searched the premises using sniffer dogs. The soldiers then proceeded to take the owner hostage until his son turned himself in.

IOF arrested four in the Qalqilia and Jenin areas

In Kufr Qaddum, the IOF arrested Rashid Muhammad ‘Ubeid (18), ‘Alaa ‘Amer (26) and Mu’awiyeh ‘Amer (21) during a military raid at dawn. According to eye witnesses, the army broke into several houses, and the soldiers, while conducted a search at the home of Mu’awiyeh ‘Amer, damaged the family’s belongings.


UPDATE: the IOF also arrested Qalqilia resident and Hamas leader Jamal Daoud.

In the village of Burqin west of Jenin, the IOF arrested Nabil Ibrahim Abu Shadouf (24) during a raid and search in his homes.

Settlers open fire at journalist’s car

Nizar Samoudi, correspondent for Palestinian television, reports that last night, as he was driving back from Ramallah to his hometown of Jenin, settlers opened fire at his car near Sinjil. Samoudi was not hurt, but his vehicle was damaged.