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Settler teen arrested in suspicion of vandalizing Palestinian-owned cars

חדשות בזמן אמת – 24 שעות ביממה on Facebook is reporting that the teen was arrested after a search of his belonging turned up a slingshot, a knife and pepper spray. He was arrested near ‘Ayn Mabu’a (‘Ayn al-Fuwar), east of Jerusalem, west of Jericho. The teen will be brought before a judge tomorrow for a bail hearing.


IOF arrested 18 people overnight in the West Bank

In Hebron, The IOF arrested Ashraf al-Qawasmeh (24) and Muhammad Khalil ‘Abdin (35) while raiding their residences.

In Tamun (in the Tubas area), the IOF arrested Maamoum Na’in Bani ‘Awda (22) during a raid in his home.

During a raid in Tulkarm and surrounding areas, the IOF arrested four young men: Muhammad Khaled Shaker (19), Hamam As’ad Na’alwah (18), Hassan Abu Shaykha (18) and Adham Sharqawi (20).

Update: According to Ma’an, five were arrested in the Tulkarm area, four in Jericho, four in Hebron, three in Ramallah and two in al-‘Azariyeh, East Jerusalem.,7340,L-4243720,00.html

Demolitions round up 12.06.2012 #Palestine

Settlers are reporting that this morning, the civil administration accompanied by the IOF demolished unfinished Palestinian-owned ‘unlicensed’ structures ‘near Jericho’ (no specific location was given).

Israel occupation authority threatens the demolition of 15 Palestinian buildings near Yatta

Civil administration handed out 150 demolition orders to the residents of

Demolitions were also reported in Al-Quds Jerusalem, Bet Hanina: see here

UPDATED: The IOF arrested 6 Palestinians overnight

According to Ynet, quoting the IOF spokesperson, the army arrested 5 people overnight in the West Bank, who were transferred to Israel for interrogation.

Update: The IOF raided Tubas and arrested ‘Ummar Muhammad Musa Bani ‘Awada (25 years old), and also searched nine more houses. In addition, residents report that the IOF carried out military exercises last night in the Jenin and Tubas areas, and that these drills including landings from helicopters.

Update 2: Earlier this morning, the IOF arrested Mas’ab Saleh Al-Talahmah just north west of Hebron. The IOF also arrested 21 years old Yusuf Ahmad Yunes Bahr from Beit Ummar north of Hebron and too him to Etzion military base. In addition, the IOF raided the villages Dura and Khirbat Beit ‘Umra north of Hebron , broke into a bakery and detained its owner for several hours.

Update 3: The IOF also arrested Zen A-Din Mahmoud Shabana (43), who was recently released after a year at the PA prison where he was tortured, and transported him handcuffed and blindfolded to the Etzion military base.

Update 4: 3 people were also arrested in Jericho overnight,; according to the IOF spokesperson, a search in a house turned up five pipe bombs and gunpowder.