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Eviction notices in the Jordan Valley

The occupation authorities notified communities east of Jericho, in Deir Hijleh and al-Zour, they have to vacate 3000 dunums of lands that are currently being cultivated. The lands in question are Waqf (religious endowment) property and many parts of them have been cultivated by local farmers for decades. According to the notice, the farmers vacate their lands within 45 days from the receipt of this notification.

IOF raided Jordan Valley Bedouin community

Earlier this morning, the IOF stormed the Bedouin community in Wadi al-Malih in the north part of the Jordan Valley. Residents report that the soldiers broke into homes, searched them, interrogated residents and warned them not to approach nearby settlements.

IOF arrested four overnight

In Hebron, the IOF arrested Ahmed Younes al-Altrash, claiming he had hurled stones at the Jewish settlement at the heart of the city.

At Hamra checkpoint, the IOF arrested Ibrahim Dura Ghama (22), from the Jordan Valley.

In addition, the IOF staged raids in Jenin, the village of ‘Arabeh, Sanur and Faqu’ah, conducted searches and set up checkpoints.

Settlers take over land in the Jordan Valley

Settlers took over approximately 50 dunums east of Tubas and began to cultivate it. The area was first seized by the IOF, and was used for training purposes, and now it has been taken over by settlers.

Demolitions in the Jordan Valley this morning

The IOF demolished several homes and sheep pens belonging to local Bedouins in al-Malih this morning. The soldiers also seized several water tanks, which are the only source of water for residents in this area.

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International solidarity activists arrested in the Jordan Valley

The IOF confiscated a tractor in al-Farsiya (Jordan Valley)

Around 10p Wednesday night, the IOF confiscated a tractor and a cart used for agriculture. Both vehicles are owned by Muhammad Ahmad Anabusi, who was then forced by the IOF to drive them into the military base near Jiftlik. In addition, the IOF fined Anabusi 1700NIS despite the fact he possesses documents attesting to his ownership of the tractor.

(Via Jordan Valley solidarity on Facebook)

Jordan Valley compiled updated: eviction& harassment by IOF

The IOF serves eviction notices in the Jordan Valley

The occupation authorities notified today four families they must evict their homes (which will then be demolished) in the Wadi al-Malih area within 24 hours.


The IOF demolished houses in Fasayl in the Jordan valley this morning