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Eviction notices in the Jordan Valley

The occupation authorities notified communities east of Jericho, in Deir Hijleh and al-Zour, they have to vacate 3000 dunums of lands that are currently being cultivated. The lands in question are Waqf (religious endowment) property and many parts of them have been cultivated by local farmers for decades. According to the notice, the farmers vacate their lands within 45 days from the receipt of this notification.


Demolition near Bethlehem

Bulldozers accompanied by IOF soldiers arrived this morning to al-Khader south of Bethlehem and began to uproot olive trees, level agricultural lands and demolish a well used for irrigation. The affected plot was about 5 dunums and owned by Rizq Muhammad Salah.

Settlement expanded near Bethlehem

This morning, the IOF extended the perimeter of the illegal settlement Neve Daniel by moving the checkpoint 400 meters towards al-Khader. The settlement is already built on lands seized from residents of al-Khader, however this new expansion isolates a cultivated area of 300 dunums and forces its owners to obtain special access permits in order to work there.

Settlers set up a new outpost

Settlers accompanied by IOF soldiers, placed ten mobile homes on lands belonging to farmers from al-Khader (west of Bethlehem). At the same time, settlers also erected poles and power lines in another part of town, on lands belonging to the Sabih family.

UPDATED: Four Palestinian farmers injured in a settlers’ attack

The incident occurred this morning near Sinjil, north of Ramallah, when a group of settlers, accompanied by IOF, arrived to an area newly cultivated by local farmers in an effort to reclaim lands taken over by settlers, located in area C. The assailants, presumably from the settlement Giv’at Harel, attacked the farmers, stabbing them with knives and beating them. One farmer, Muhammad Marwah Rafghi was hit in the head with the butt of a gun and is currently in a coma. Another farmer suffers stab wounds. All four injured were taken to a hospital in Ramallah.

Although they invaded to the area (which is cultivated with the funding of international aid), the settlers claim they were “lynched” rather than admit they were the aggressors. They also claim they ‘merely attempted to conduct the morning prayer at the site.’ The settlers are also reporting injuries through no one was taken to a hospital.

Update: The settlers posted a video of the incident, but the footage makes it clear the settlers invaded the village and assaulted the farmers and that the soldiers shot in the direction of the Palestinians who merely tried to defend themselves.

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