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Settlers, IOF raided Nablus; Clashes ensued

About 1200 settlers raided the city of Nablus last night, accompanied by IOF. Local sources reported that nine buses full of settlers and at least eight military jeeps converged on Joseph’s tomb late last night. Local youth resisting the invasion hurled stones and, according to Israeli sources, also a makeshift grenade, at the IOF and settlers. The IOF responded with tear gas and rubber bullets near the Balata refugee camp and other areas and maintained a heavy presence in the hours following the invasion.

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IOF arrested two overnight in the West Bank

According to Israeli channel 10, the IOF arrested one man in Beita al-Tahta (southeast of Nablus) while the other was arrested in Shuyukh (southwest of Bethlehem). Both men were considered “wanted” by the occupation forces and they were transferred to unknown locations for interrogation.

UPDATE: IOF arrested Madhat Zidan Jaradat (20) at his village of Sa’ir east of Hebron. In addition, the IOF raided the town of Halhoul overnight.

IOF arrested two overnight in the West Bank

According to the Israeli radio, one was arrested in the Balata refugee camp (near Nablus) while the other is from the Ramallah area. The Israeli radio broadcast claims that the two were arrested ‘in suspicion of planning terrorist attacks against Israelis.”

UPDATE: Local identify the teen arrested in Balata as ‘Abdullah Salameh (16).

Arrests and raids roundup

The IOF raided the Fuwar refugee camp south of Hebron and arrested ‘Ali Muhammad Abu Wardeh (47) during a search at his house. In addition, the IOF raided Yata, Idhna and parts of the city of Hebron.

The IOF raided Deir Samet west of Hebron and arrested Mussa ‘Ali Hassan al-‘Adam (32), Iyad Muhammad al-Haroub (31), both former political prisoners. In addition, the invading soldiers also arrested ‘Ali Mahmoud Muhammad al-Haroub (36), a teacher and the brother of Iyad, as well as Majdi Rajah ‘Awda al-Haroub (27).

In the city of Nablus, the invading Israeli army arrested Muhammad Sa’id (18) from al-‘Ayn refugee camp. The IOF raided several areas of the city, including al-Quds and Haifa streets.

In the Jenin area, the IOF detained Basel Muhammad Jamal Jabbarin (32) from the village of Taybeh and Ahmed ‘Abdullah Abu Taleb (30) from the village of Zububa. The two were detained be soldiers at the entrance to the village of Zububa and were taken to Salem military base for questioning. In the meantime, the IOF raided Jabbarin’s house in Taybeh west of Jenin and conducted a thorough search.

IOF arrested four in the West Bank overnight

According to Israeli radio, three of those arrested are from Nablus while the fourth is from Deir Abu Mesh’al, northwest of Ramallah.

IOF demolished water reservoirs south of Nablus

Local sources are reporting that three IOF bulldozers demolished two water reservoirs in the village of Jurish south of Nablus this morning.

Molotov cocktail hurled at IOF near Sebastia, north of Nablus

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Settlers hurled stones near Nablus

Eyewitnesses report that settlers from Yizhar hurled stones at Palestinian-owned cars on Huwara’s main street just south of the city of Nablus.

The IOF closed Huwara checkpoint in both directions.

IOF imposes closure on three villages near Nablus

This morning the IOF sealed off ‘Azmout, Deir al-Hatab and Salem (east of Nablus), preventing people from entering or exiting these communities and maintaining a presence in their streets for not apparent reason.

BREAKING: IOF raided near Nablus, arrested five people

The IOF arrested Shaykh Salim ‘Awad Abu Adam and his wife, Umm Adam during a raid in their village of ‘Awarta tonight. In addition, the IOF also arrested Bahaa Darawsheh (24), Mahmoud Darawsheh (22) and Muhammad Sabah (22).   Locals are reporting the army is now withdrawing from the village.

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