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IOF arrested seven overnight in the West Bank

The IOF arrested Mujahed Muhammad Jaradat from Silat al-Harthiya while he was in Barta’a al-Sharqiyeh, south of Jenin. The soldiers invaded the town, insulted local women and also used racial slurs towards Muslims.

In the village of ‘Azoun east of Qalqilia, the IOF arrested Ya’qub Ghazi ‘Ali Suwidan (22) and Muhammad Zaharan Ibrahim Suwidan (20).

In Beit Ummar just north of Hebron, the IOF arrested Hamza Ahmed Abu Hashem (14) and Sabri Ibrahim ‘Awad (17). Three more people were arrested in Beit ‘Awa.

In the Hebron area, the IOF raided and set up roadblocks in several villages and towns: Beit ‘Aynun, Beit Kahil, Yata, Dura, Sa’ir, Beit Ummar, Samu’, Idhna and several neighbourhoods within the city of Hebron itself.


IOF arrested three near Qalqilia

During a night raid in the village of ‘Azzoun, the IOF arrested Hussan Muhammad ‘Abas Badwan (20), Anis Mustafa ‘Awdeh (21) and Muhammad Rafa’ Tafish (24). The raiding soldiers also used stun grenades and opened fire at locals resisting them.

IOF arrested three near Qalqilia

During a night raid, the IOF arrested Mu’atasem Muhammad Mussa Radwan (24), ‘Abd al-Latif Sayl Suwidan (32) and Ahmed Walid Isma’il Radwan (22) in their village of ‘Azoun east of Qalqilia.

IOF arrested four near Qalqilia

During a nocturnal raid in Kufr Qaddum, the IOF arrested Samir Jihad Rayan (24), his brother Loai (21), Mujahid Subhi Barhom (22) and Loai Mustafa Shteiwi (24).

IOF arrested four, including two minors, near Qalqilia

Around 2am in the morning, the IOF raided Kufr Qaddum and arrested Taha Muhammad ‘Amer (17), Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Amer (16), both highschool students, Nader ‘Abd al-Rahim ‘Amer (23) and Yusuf Mustafa Eshteiwi (20).

IOF arrested four in Qalqilia

The four men were arrested at a checkpoint east of the city in the pretext of throwing stones at the separation fence.

Stones hurled at settlers, multiple locations

הצלה יו”ש – העמוד הרשמי on Facebook is reporting stone hurling at settler vehicles: south of Bethlehem, near the settlements of Teqo’ and Efrat; south Hebron hills (also multiple locations, near the settlement Ma’ale Hever and Zif intersection), East of Qalqilia, Jit intersection, multiple locations in the city of Hebron, where a soldier was lightly injured in his face.