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IOF arrested two overnight in the West Bank

According to the Israeli radio, one was arrested in the Balata refugee camp (near Nablus) while the other is from the Ramallah area. The Israeli radio broadcast claims that the two were arrested ‘in suspicion of planning terrorist attacks against Israelis.”

UPDATE: Local identify the teen arrested in Balata as ‘Abdullah Salameh (16).

Three Palestinians injured in a settlers attack near Ramallah

According to عين على الحدث, a short time ago, settlers attacked Palestinians in the town of Mikhmas southeast Ramallah. The incident occurred when ‘Abd al-Karim Ma’ikal Abu ‘Ali (56) attempted to go to his lands and inspect his olive groves which settlers had vandalized two days ago. When he got there, he was assaulted by settlers, who cut part of ear. The assailants also viciously attacked other Palestinians who came to Abu ‘Ali’s defense. Three were injured. Local sources stress that the IOF refused to let the ambulance take the injured to a Jerusalem hospital.

IOF arrested four in the West Bank overnight

According to Israeli radio, three of those arrested are from Nablus while the fourth is from Deir Abu Mesh’al, northwest of Ramallah.

IOF arrested four north of Ramallah

On Tuesday night, IOF raided the village of Safa and arrested Muntaser Karajeh (22), Tareq Nasir (22), Abdelrahman Rayyeh (20), and Yussef Karajeh (23).

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IOF arrested seven overnight in the West Bank

According to Israeli army radio, the IOF arrested seven people overnight: four were captured in Nabi Saleh [see separate coverage including a video here ].

In Tulkarm, the IOF arrested Muhammad al-Ashqar (20) and in the town of Bal’a just east of Tulkarm, the IOF arrested Shadi Abu al-Ruh (22) and Yusuf ‘Adel Abu Yasin (19).

The rest were arrested in al-‘Aroub refugee camp north of Hebron.

IOF raided Nabi Saleh overnight, arrested four

The IOF invaded the village of Nabi Saleh Monday night, broke into the home of the martyr Mustafa Tamimi and arrested his brotherZiad ‘Abd al-Rizaq (25) as well as Muhammad ‘Atiyah Tamimi (28). Soldiers broke into several homes and terrorized residents. Clashes with the village’s youth ensued, and the invading army used live ammunition. One resident, ‘Ummar Tamimi, was then seriously injured by a bullet but the army detained the ambulance carrying him to Ramallah hospital, and arrested the injured and another man accompanying him.

[UPDATE: the man accompanying ‘Ummar was released. ‘Ummar apparently was taken to Ofer military compound as were the other two detainees]

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Photos of the detainees:

Video footage:

Violent clashes in Nabi Saleh

The IOF is shooting live ammunition and rubber coated steel bullets at local youth confronting the soldiers near the main entrance to the village.

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Stones hurled at settlers’ cars near Ramallah

Settlers are reporting stones were hurled near Ni’lin checkpoint on route 446. No injuries were reported. One windshield was smashed.

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Settlers threw stones on a bus, causing an accident

According to eyewitnesses, the settlers were standing around the main intersections on the road between Ramallah and Nablus, targeting vehicles wih PA license plates. A bus owned by the Tamimi bus company was thus stoned close to Burqa, causing the driver to lose control of the steering wheel and crash into another vehicle. Several passengers were injured and had to be taken to hospital for medical treatment.

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Settlers raid and vandalize refugee camp near Ramallah

Settlers invaded Jilazun refugee camp overnight, setting alight a car and leaving racist graffiti on two others.,7340,L-4274343,00.html