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Stones hurled at Palestinian journalist in Jerusalem

Photojournalist ‘Ata ‘Awisat was covering a news story in one of Jerusalem’s orthodox Jewish neighbourhoods when a large stone hit his head followed by more. He lost consciousness and was taken to hospital where his head was stitched. He is suffering from a concussion.

Masked settlers bind & assault an Israeli solidarity activist

Via @Ta’ayush


A solidarity activist was severly attacked while documenting the illegal constrcution works at Abigail oupost . The activist was attacked by three masked men who bound and blindfolded him while beating him up. The attackers stole his ID , cellphone and 2 cameras that were in his possesion.  The attackers read out loud his private information they obtained from him, and threatened to reach his home and harm his family.

Security forces present at the scene did not interevene to stop the attack.

The activist is currently filing a complaint at the local police station.

This attack marks an escalation in settlers’ violence towards Israeli left wing activists, while their actions of terrorism towards Palestinians are well known and documented yet mostly ignored by the global and local media and the Israeli security forces.

source:  (hebrew)

Settlers flood agricultural lands

Settlers from Beitar Ilit flood the agricultural lands of Wadi Fukin, west of Bethlehem with waste water from the settlement. The affected lands extend over 50 dunums. This is not the first incident, and locals are warning from environmental damages and pollution such acts of vandalism may cause.

Three Palestinians injured in a settlers attack near Ramallah

According to عين على الحدث, a short time ago, settlers attacked Palestinians in the town of Mikhmas southeast Ramallah. The incident occurred when ‘Abd al-Karim Ma’ikal Abu ‘Ali (56) attempted to go to his lands and inspect his olive groves which settlers had vandalized two days ago. When he got there, he was assaulted by settlers, who cut part of ear. The assailants also viciously attacked other Palestinians who came to Abu ‘Ali’s defense. Three were injured. Local sources stress that the IOF refused to let the ambulance take the injured to a Jerusalem hospital.

Palestinian farmers and @Taayush activists attacked by masked Settlers, 1 Palestinian arrested

Solidarity march, South Hebron Hills, West Bank, 22.9.2012Solidarity march, South Hebron Hills, West Bank, 22.9.2012Solidarity march, South Hebron Hills, West Bank, 22.9.2012

Ta’ayush activist @Molchansky reports IOF issued a closed military zone warrant to shepherds that attempted to lead their herds near  the Palestinian village  Jawayus and Mitzpe Yair outpost. The soldiers refused to answer  questions regarding the authority and identity of the IOF soldier who signed the warrant. During the issuing of the closed military warrants and the following debate with the soldiers ,  settlers verbally harassed the farmers and activists and hurled stones towards the herd. The soldiers attempted to arrest an activist and charge with insult of public official during his service. Later on, the settlers invaded the village of Jawayush with dogs and sent the assault dogs to attack the herds. During the settlers’ invasion to Jawayus, they  pushed and shoved local residents and took photographs of solar facilities. Palestinians and activists continued attempted to march from Tawany towards the designated ground of fire zone 918 (currently palestinian land under threat of confiscation). The settlers, accompanied by soldiers prevented the march and attempted to push the Palestinians and the activists back. One Palestinian was arrested during the action.8888

Masked settlers hurled stones with slingshots near Tuba, uninterrupted by the soldiers.  The following events were documented by active stills photographer.

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Silwan: Settlers attempt to execute heavy drilling work overnight(pictures)


Settlers attempts to drill with heavy machinery on midnight blocked by residents, police

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Settlers vandalize a mosque south of Hebron

Residents of the village Amrish (near Dura) discovered racist graffiti on their mosque this just before dawn. The village is located only four kilometers from the settlement Atniel. Following the discovery, the IOF arrived and conducted a search of the area.

and غزة الان on Facebook

Palestinian viciously assaulted by Jewish extremists in Jerusalem

Nasim Fathi Abu Ramouz (21) was at his place of work, in west Jerusalem, on Tuesday, when he was brutally attacked by four Jews, who beat him as they were shouting racial slurs. Abu Ramouz sustained multiple bruises all over his person, as well as a head injury that still causes him dizziness.

Settlers hurled stones near Nablus

Eyewitnesses report that settlers from Yizhar hurled stones at Palestinian-owned cars on Huwara’s main street just south of the city of Nablus.

The IOF closed Huwara checkpoint in both directions.

Settlers vandalized church in Latroun

Settlers set fire to a wooden door and sprayed graffiti on a nearby wall: “Jesus is a monkey,” “Ramat Migron,” “Maoz Esther” (the latter two are names of outposts). One of the monks residing there discovered the fire on time and managed to put it out. The police’s assumption is that the assailants invaded the monastery from a nearby olive grove, where the fence is rather low.