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Tel Aviv police shoots and kills Tulkarm man

Police officers opened fire on a 33 year old man from Tulkarm in Tel Aviv. The man was pronounced dead by paramedics who arrived to the scene shortly after. The policeman claims the deceased and another man were breaking into a parked car and that he allegedly threatened him with a knife when the policeman attempted to arrest him. A witness told Ynet: “we heard shouting and a brawl. I saw a man and a police officer hitting each other. Then the cop chased him and told him to stop. He didn’t. The cop caught up with him and shot him.”,7340,L-4274811,00.html


Tel Aviv police tasered Palestinian man

The incident occurred on the third day of ‘Eid al-Fitr in a Tel Aviv water park (“Meymadiyon”) when policemen attacked a group of Palestinian teens spending the day at the park. Talal al-Siyad, a Palestinian man who came to the aid of the assaulted minors was then tasered by the police several times, in front of his children, the youngest of which is only three years old. Al-Siyad suffered electric shocks, severe pain and bruises. He was then detained by police for five hours, even though he was in pain and vomiting.

Note: an earlier version of this article was based on the Wafa Arabic-language article which contained several factual errors.

Palestinian assaulted by Jews in Petakh Tiqva

The Palestinian was pepper-sprayed in his face by Jews in Segulah intersection in Petakh Tiqva, east of Tel Aviv.

Racial slurs anonymously sent to the Saraya theatre in Yafa

This morning, staff at the Saraya theatre in Yafa discovered a letter, addressed to newly appointed general director Muhammad Bakri. The letter contained several racial slurs against Muslims and Arabs, equating them to Hitler and the Nazi ideology, among other things.Image

House demolition right now in Jaffa

The bulldozers of the Tel Aviv municipality are demolishing an extension of a house in ‘Ajami neighbourhood in Jaffa in the pretext it was ‘illegally’ built.

Yuyu Ilani is reporting on Facebook:

“Right now apart of my neighbour’s house is being demolished. The noise is deafening, lots of dust. The 2 small children who lived with their parents in the 2 room “illegal” addition to the original home, are crying.
The guys who carry out the actual demolishing are Russian Israelis. And not from Jaffa.
The father said: we are good citizens. We never go to demonstrations, we voted for Hulday. why are you doing this to us?”

Zochrot to commemorate the Nakba in Tel Aviv

5/5/2012 The Nakba Day – 64 years to the tragedy
Tuesday, 15/5/2012 at Sderot Ben Zion near King George St, 7pm
Zochrot will commemorate the Nakba Day by doing what the police prevented at The Israeli Independence Day. As Minister Limor Livnat was surprised to find out at the parlement few days ago “
 Points, points, points from the north to the south”
Minister Limor Livnat said: “What is the Arab villages which zochrot speaks about” is trying to present to the public? the public should know what it is about. They present a map and the map has a points. Points, points, points. You may not know the Web site. You know him well, in my opinion. Points, from the north to the south, south of Beersheba. And these points which are the villages are all over the State of Israel. I found such in Tel Aviv dozens of points. Bat Yam, Rishon Lezion, Rehovot – and where not? in Beit Shemesh, Netanya, Or Akiva, around all of these areas. Tiberias, Madam Speaker. where not? where not? in Beit Shean. where not?”

African residents in south Tel Aviv targeted by second firebomb attack in two weeks (Haaretz)

Two firebombs hurled at a house in Hatikva neighborhood, less than two weeks after similar attack on homes of asylum seekers.