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IOF arrested seven overnight in the West Bank

According to Israeli army radio, the IOF arrested seven people overnight: four were captured in Nabi Saleh [see separate coverage including a video here ].

In Tulkarm, the IOF arrested Muhammad al-Ashqar (20) and in the town of Bal’a just east of Tulkarm, the IOF arrested Shadi Abu al-Ruh (22) and Yusuf ‘Adel Abu Yasin (19).

The rest were arrested in al-‘Aroub refugee camp north of Hebron.

IOF arrested seven overnight in the West Bank

In the city of Hebron, the IOF injured Kamal al-Batash and arrested him. In the Fuwar refugee camp the IOF arrested ‘Ummar ‘Ajmiyeh and took him to an unknown location. In addition, the IOF invaded Yata, where they fired tear gas and stun grenades against locals, and imposed closures along highway 60 and in Dura. In Beit Ummar the IOF arrested Muhammad Ayman al-Khalil (18) at his home. The soldiers also raided the home of Muhammad Husseim Adi and arrested his son Ibrahim (19). The two were then taken to Etzion military base.

For our previous report on the Hebron incident:

In the Tulkarm area, the IOF arrested Loay Sati al-Ashqar from Saida. Al-Ashqar had already been incarcerated by Israel five time, and became paralyzed during his stay in Jalameh interrogation centre in 2005.,7340,L-4279230,00.html

IOF arrested 14 overnight in the West Bank

In the village of Qaddum near Qalqilia, the IOF arrested five: Haj Muyed Ashteiwi (55), Awas ‘Amer (23), Ahmed ‘Amer (23), Muhammad ‘Amer (24) and Wassim Ashteiwi (24). In addition, a soldier hurled a tear gas grenade in the house of Murad Ashteiwi, the coordinator of the weekly demonstrations, and injured his wife (26) and his children Khaled (7), Noor (5) and Muamin (3), all suffering from severe cases of asphyxiation.

In Qabatiya south of Jenin, the IOF arrested Najib ‘Abdullah Khalil Abu al-Rub (35).

Clashes broke out between the invading army and local youth in Ya’bad, west of Jenin. The soldiers used stun grenades and tear gas, suffocating many. One woman had to be taken to hospital for medical treatment.

The IOF raided Tulkarm this morning and enhanced its presence in its streets.

Video: Arrests in the village of Qaddum

Tel Aviv police shoots and kills Tulkarm man

Police officers opened fire on a 33 year old man from Tulkarm in Tel Aviv. The man was pronounced dead by paramedics who arrived to the scene shortly after. The policeman claims the deceased and another man were breaking into a parked car and that he allegedly threatened him with a knife when the policeman attempted to arrest him. A witness told Ynet: “we heard shouting and a brawl. I saw a man and a police officer hitting each other. Then the cop chased him and told him to stop. He didn’t. The cop caught up with him and shot him.”,7340,L-4274811,00.html

Arrests and raids roundup

According to Israeli channel 10 news, one man was arrested in Dura (southwest of Hebron), another one in Safa (west of Ramallah) and two more in Deir Sharaf (northwest of Nablus). The latter two were arrested in suspicion of arson. According to IOF sources, soldiers searched the premises and found a molotov cocktail. All those arrested were transferred for interrogation.

In the city of Hebron, the IOF arrested Samer Sultan (18) at a military checkpoint in the Shuhadaa street, and Ahmed Yaqin al-Ja’bari (20) near the gates of the Ibrahimi mosque. Both were taken to unknown location.

Soldiers also closed the iron gates of a checkpoint on 10 year old Tareq Raed Abu Armileh, injuring the child but refusing to provide him medical treatment. The boy was eventually taken to hospital.

In the town of Dura, the IOF arrested Ahmed ‘Abd al-Majid Ibriyoush (25), a student at the University of Hebron and the leader of the Islamic league. He was arrested when the soldiers raided his family home, conducted a search and destroyed many of the family’s belongings and furniture.

The IOF also raided the towns of Samu’ and Dura in the Hebron area and set up several checkpoint within the towns and on the main roads.

In the Tulkarm area, the IOF raided the village of Far’oun at dawn, and using maps, storming into areas with structures that have already received demolitions orders.

In the Bethlehem area, in the village of Tuku’, the IOF arrested Ahmed Rashid Jibril (19) and Hisham Khalil al-‘Amour (19) while they were walking in the street of their hometown.

Arrests and raids roundup

In the Bethlehem area – the IOF arrested Fouad Ahmed Faraj (18) in Doha, and Muhammad ‘Ali Za’oul (32) and Ibrahim ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Shusha (35) from Husan, west of Bethlehem.

The IOF raided the village Nazlat Zeid southwest of Jenin, broke into the home of Fares ‘Atef Muhammad Dari (30), conducted a search and questioned the owner, but no arrest was reported there. The IOF set up a check point near the village of Ta’anak west of Jenin and disrupted traffic.

In Dura, southwest of Hebron, the IOF raided several auto parts shops, leaving much destruction in their wake. Soldiers also raided and patrolled several villages and neighbourhoods in the Hebron area. In al-Tuwani the IOF handed Majdi Rab’i summons to appear for an interrogation.

In Tulkarm, the IOF arrested Rajai Mustafa Abu Hantash (30) and Muhammad al-Haj Qassem (28).

While Safa claims there were 10 arrests, Ynet, Channel 10 and Wafa say eight: Tulkarm – 4, Jayyus (near Qaliqila) – 3, and Doha – 1.,7340,L-4250425,00.html

The IOF demolished a fence at a prisoner’s home in Tulkarm

Early this morning (Tuesday), seven military vehicles surrounded the home of Hamadah Abu ‘Awad, broke in and ordered all family members into one room while they conducted a search. They then brought a bulldozer that demolished the fence around the house threatening the family that they will destroy their home on their next visit.

Hamadeh was arrested last month, yet his family has not received news from him since.

Arrests and raids roundup

The IOF arrested Yusuf ‘Ali Waked in the village of al-Far’ah and in addition also raided al-‘Aqaba. Both villages are in the Tubas area.

The IOF raided several neighbourhoods in the city of Hebron and arrested Raed Muhammad ‘Amru (25) and two teen brothers, Thaer and Sa’ad Nidal al-‘Uwaiwi.

The IOF also raided several villages in the vicinity of Bethlehem, and handed summons for interrogations to three people: Samih Sulayman Shanayteh (22) from al-‘Ubaydiyeh, Yusuf Khaled Hajajeh from Yuku’a and Nabih Salim al-Khatib (20) from the village of Doha. The Israeli military also maintained presence in several villages in the area. No arrests were reported.

And last night a man was arrested at ‘Te’enim’ checkpoint near Tulkarm after, according to the IOF spokesperson, he refused to the soldiers’ request to stop. The IOF claims that during a search on his person and belongings they found two knives. The man was arrested and taken to interrogation.,7340,L-4246014,00.html

IOF raided Tulkarm over night, clashes reported


source: FB Ain Al Hads.

It has also been reported that IOF fired stun grenades & tear gas near  Abu Nidal restraunt.

IOF arrested 18 people overnight in the West Bank

In Hebron, The IOF arrested Ashraf al-Qawasmeh (24) and Muhammad Khalil ‘Abdin (35) while raiding their residences.

In Tamun (in the Tubas area), the IOF arrested Maamoum Na’in Bani ‘Awda (22) during a raid in his home.

During a raid in Tulkarm and surrounding areas, the IOF arrested four young men: Muhammad Khaled Shaker (19), Hamam As’ad Na’alwah (18), Hassan Abu Shaykha (18) and Adham Sharqawi (20).

Update: According to Ma’an, five were arrested in the Tulkarm area, four in Jericho, four in Hebron, three in Ramallah and two in al-‘Azariyeh, East Jerusalem.,7340,L-4243720,00.html