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Salah Diab, Sheikh Jarrah human right defender is at risk of imprisonment

Salah Diab, prominent Sheikh Jarrah activist  court discussion was held today in Masqubia court, Jerusalem in front of judge Dotan, president of Masqubia court. 

Salah was previously trialed and convicted of assaulting settlers as an act of political persecution in attempt to crack down on Sheikh Jarrah non-violent protests. In one occasion he is charged with “pushing a settler and making him drop his phone”. Other accusations (attacking a road sign) seem ridicule non-the less. He was also accused of being a protest leaders because he served tea and coffee for the protesters.

Judge Dotan pointed out to Salah that “a reasonable person does not leave his doorstep while hearing disturbing noises but looks out the window and calls the police”. This remark should be put in context- sheikh Jarrah has a long history of suffering police brutality and a “reasonable person” would not invite the police in the neighborhood given to this record.

Salah has testified that he heard during his interrogation that the cops were seeking to frame him for something.  Salah is a sole provider  of a big family and is not a young man. He also has health issues.  Saleh imprisonment might lead to heavy personal consequences for him and his familyתמונה 


Hamaabara ( Public housing) activists face eviction once more

Hamaabara- a grassroot group of activists for public housing and social Justice took over an abandoned building near my home in Katamonim,  owned by Na’amat women’s organization  part of the Histadrut (workers union) and the Jerusalem municipality. During the last 4 months, that building served as an open community center, and the group held negotiations to legally rent the building from Naamat. Last week it was announced that the negotiations failed and that Naamat refuses to rent the building to the activists, despite the fact that the building has not been used in years and that the last person to rent the building was  running a private business in it. Hamaabara activists are now facing another threat of eviction in the near days but are determined not to evacuate without a struggle- and protested today in front of the mayor Nir Barkat- against the upcoming eviction and in favor of the public housing rights of the people.

The protest included erecting a mobile  Succah- a temporary house that is traditionally part of the Jewish holiday of Succoth and marching in the city with it as a  metaphor for the quest for a sustainable solution to the public housing crisis.


Hama’abara activists have had negotiations with Na’amar

Armed settlers prevented pasturing, chased Farmers and goats near Al Ureif (via @taayush)

Settlers from Mitze Yair,Jewish settlement Susiya’s outpost prevented Palestinians Shepherds from pasture, chased herd. It should be noted that Al Ureif is located at South of Hebron hills, and that terrorizing the local residents of the region is a part of the ethnic cleansing practice of Territory C by the Zionist occupation.  

Israeli Occupation Kidnaps five residents from Nablus including a 15 year old child

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

[ PIC 07/09/2012 – 06:31 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– Israeli soldiers kidnapped on Thursday evening, five persons from the northern West Bank city of Nablus, including one man who carries a Jordanian citizenship, Palestinian human rights sources reported .

Tadamun International for Human Rights reported that the army kidnapped a Jordanian national identified as Na’el Mohammad Taher, 34, as he was trying to cross the Allenby (King Hussein) Bridge between Jordan and the occupied territories to visit his relatives in Nablus.

Soldiers also kidnapped a 15 year old Palestinian child at the Hawwara roadblock south of Nablus, claiming that he carried a sharp object.

The Foundation further reported that soldiers stationed at a roadblock near the West Bank city of Jericho kidnapped Ahmad Abdul-Jalil, 23, from Sorra village, near Nablus.

In Rojeeb village, south of Nablus, the army broke into the home of Fuad Ahmad Abu Rajab, 34, and kidnapped…

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Verdict of Qaddum protester assaulted by dog Ahmad Shtawy to be issued in Salem court, 3.9

Read more about Ahmad Shatawy’s case here. Shatawy has been imprisoned since his assault on march & has been charged with throwing stones and attending an illegal protest.

Source: AATW

Lia Tarachinsky : Isawiya resedents will protest infrastrcture & edudaction neglection

Protest in Issawiyya tomorrow morning at 7:30am/8:00am in Jerusalem (Near Hebrew University). Protest by parents who are refusing to send their children to school because of the condition of the Palestinian education system in East Jerusalem. 

Contact Muhammad Abu Hummus at 052-424-4662


Bet Umer Facebook reports IOF invaded village, took over a house and arrested 1 person so far

Bet Umer Facebook reports IOF invaded village, took over a house and arrested 1 person so far