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Hundreds of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals demonstrated in Susya

Hundreds gathered today in Susya, southeast of Hebron, to protest the impending demolition of the village and in show of solidarity with local inhabitants. The protest was organized by a coalition of organizations (Solidarity, Ta’ayush, Tarabut, Rabbis for Human Rights) in coordination with the local committee. In addition, members of the Hebron Defense Committee and delegates from Bil’in were in attendance. Protesters marched from the current location of the village to lands that had been previously expropriated, carrying Palestinian flags and banners, and chanting in Arabic, Hebrew and English, where they were met with several IOF jeeps and foot soldiers and police officers, who brutally tried to suppress the march and push them back towards the village. When protesters stood their ground the IOF used stun grenades and tear gas, which caused several injuries, including one 18 year old Israeli activist who was rushed to the hospital sustaining a head injury from a stun grenade. A skunk truck was also present, and although it was constantly aiming at protesters to intimidate them, the IOF refrained from actually using it.

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IOF brutally suppressed nonviolent protest in Beit Ummar; one man arrested

The IOF attacked participants in the weekly demonstration in Beit Ummar. The demonstrators, Palestinian, Israeli and internationals, were carrying banners in support of the hunger striking footballer and political prisoner Mahmoud Sarsak, and even attempted to simulate a football match as a form of protest, when the soldiers violently attacked them and arrested Saqr Sadiq Abu Maria (42) and led him into the nearby settlement, Karmei Tsur.


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IOF installed shooting windows in apartheid wall near Rachel’s Tomb

The windows, installed in the wall this week, are supposedly aimed to ‘protect’ Jewish worshippers at the tomb from Palestinian protesters who, according to recent IOF and settlers reports, have stepped up their attacks on the compound with molotov cocktails and stones hurled at the wall in the hope of hitting someone. In cases of such ‘riots,’ MAGAV force is expected to climb the stairs to the windows and shoot at Palestinians protesting on the other side of the wall – using tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets and even live bullets.


The IOF assaulted participants in the weekly demonstration in Beit Ummar: compiled photos+link

According to eye witnesses, the soldiers beat participants, locals, Israeli and international with batons and threatened them with arrest. Beit Ummar local committee against the wall and settlements has been organizing weekly demonstrations to protest land expropriations by nearby settlements and hindering access of Palestinian farmers to their fields.

see Raya news report here (Arabic): http://www.raya.ps/news/view:47573

see also PSP report here:http://palestinesolidarityproject.org/2012/05/27/weekly-demonstration-in-beit-ommar/

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One teen arrested and another injured in clashes with the IOF at Bani Na’im

The IOF attacked locals demonstrating in solidarity with the hunger striking political prisoners at the entrance to Bani Na’im east of Hebron. During these clashes 16 years old ‘Ali Iyad Yassin was injured from a gas canister to his chest and taken to a hospital in Hebron for treatment. Another teen, Daud Nihad Taraira (17) was arrested by the soldiers at the scene.

Activists block the entrance to a settlement near Jerusalem

Palestinian, Israeli and international activists demonstrated today in solidarity with political prisoners, locking the main road leading into the settlement Ma’ale Edumim near Jerusalem. The IOF arrested two Palestinian demonstrators during its violent attempts to disperse the demonstrators. The two arrestees are expected to be released soon though.

Press release – Joining the struggle: the organizations from Jaffa refuse to keep silent and let political prisoners starve to death in Israeli prisons.

On Saturday, May the 12th, at 15.30 o’clock on Clock Tower square in Jaffa an Arab-Jewish protest rally will take place. A general call has gone out to all the city’s residents to join the hunger strike for one day, in solidarity. Jaffa’s residents will join the struggle of the Palestinian prisoners. During the latest meeting of the Jaffa organizations it has been decided that Jaffa needs to stand up in solidarity with the striking prisoners and express complete identification with their just demands. Some of the activities that will be undertaken:

Raising the issue of the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike in the course of the Friday sermons in Jaffa’s mosques

The organization of an Arab Jewish protest rally on Saturday May the 12th at 15.30 o’clock on Clock Tower square in Jaffa.

An outcry to all residents to join the hunger strike for one day, this Saturday, in solidarity with the hunger-strikers

A continuation of the daily protests on Clock Tower Square at 18.00 o’clock in order to raise consciousness concerning the struggle

4.653 Palestinian prisoners are held captive In various prisons in Israel, amongst
them 219 minors, in addition to 308 prisoners held in administrative detention
without charges, proof of guilt and without even knowing what they are being
accused of nor the ability to defend themselves in due process.

Almost 2000 prisoners have been on hunger strike for several weeks in protest
against their imprisonment as well the fact they are being denied the most basic
conditions. About 10 of the hunger-strikers have done so for over 45 days and their lives are in imminent danger. Eight of these 10 hunger strikers are administrative detainees.

The administrative detainees Hassan Safdie and Omar Abu Shalal have been on a
hunger-strike for 67 days and Bilal Diab and Taher Halahla have been on hunger
strike for 73 days already and their medical condition deteriorates from day to
day. The Supreme Court has refused the request to be released and has thereby
condemned them to death.

For more information:

The Forum of Organizations in Jaffa:

Sami Abu Shade 050-4435996

Alma Biblash 054-2292474