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IOF attacks funeral of local leader in Beit Ummar

Arabic: Safa breaking news: مراسلنا: مواجهات بين مواطنين وجيش الاحتلال قرب مقبرة بيت أمر بالخليل

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IOF arrested seven in the West Bank overnight

According to Israeli channel 10 news, the IOF arrested three in Zububa (northwest of Jenin), one in Qalqilia, one in Beit Ummar, two in al-Fuwar (southwest of Hebron). All arrestees were transferred for interrogation.

In al-Fuwar, local youth hurled stones at the invading soldiers, who responded with tear gas and stun grenades at the heart of residential areas. Soldiers arrested Islam Jamil ‘Amer al-Titi (20) and Thaer Muhammad ‘Abd Rabo Ghatasheh (20) and tried to arrest the son of Bassem al-Najar who was not at home. The army then retreated in the morning. In addition, the IOF raided Halhoul and set up a checkpoint on the bridge.

In Beit Ummar, the IOF staged a large scale raid of 200 soldiers and arrested four people: Mahmoud ‘Ayad ‘Awad and his son Ibrahim (who works for the PA national security forces). The two were also beaten by the soldiers who attempted to force them to give up another son, Muhammad (22) who was not home at the time of the raid. In another part of town, the IOF arrested Jalal Muhammad Zidan Man’am Abu ‘Ayash (19) and Muhammad ‘Imad Sa’adi al-Khalil (18). The raiding soldiers reportedly used excessive violence: soldiers brutally attacked Muhammad Yusuf al-‘Alami and through him into a hole in the ground; they assaulted Wael Yusuf Zidan Man’am Abu ‘Ayash (25); another young man, Ziad Muhammad Kamel al-Khalil (19) suffered gunshot wounds and was hospitalized in Hebron. The occupation army used live ammunition as well as rubber coated bullets and tear gas against local youth and only withdrew from town after 7am.

In Zububa, the IOF arrested Muhammad ‘Imad Mahmoud ‘Amarneh (21), Ahmed Fathi ‘Amarneh (20) and Muhammad Ibrahim Jaradat (22) during raids in their homes. In addition, the IOF staged a sweet in Kufr Dan against what they call ‘unlicensed water wells.’

IOF arrested teen in Hebron

IOF arrested Mahmoud Sa’id Abu Ramouz (17) from Abu Sneineh neighbourhood in Hebron. Abu Ramouz was already held in the occupation prison, as was his brother, Ma’adh Abu Ramouz.

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IOF arrested two overnight in the West Bank

In Hebron, the IOF arrested Hassan Ahmed ‘Umar (22) from Shuhadaa street in the old city. The IOF also raided Tarkuniyeh, Dura, Yata, Idhna, and Halhoul and set up several checkpoints where the soldiers detain passers-by and cars and inspect IDs.

IOF opens fire, kills Palestinian near Jerusalem

According to Israeli sources, Israeli police opened fire on a Palestinian car allegedly drove through a checkpoint without stopping near al-Za’im. Four Palestinians [Hebrew sources claim two] were injured, one of them suffered a head injury and succumbed to his wounds shortly after. One Israeli police officer was lightly injured in his leg. The martyr is Akram Badi’ Bader, who was in his 40s. According to eyewitnesses, the driver made a wrong turn but when he approached the checkpoint by error the IOF opened fire.


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IOF arrested two in ‘Issawiyeh; clashes ensued

IOF raided ‘Issawiyeh (in East Jerusalem), broke into the home of Ahmed Dirbas and arrested him, as well as Muhammad ‘Awad Allah Dirbas. Clashes with local residents erupted during the raid.

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According to Wadi Hilweh information centre, The names of those arrested are Ahmed Hussein Dirbas (18) as well as his uncle ‘Alaa Jamil Nasser (32).

IOF intensifies presence in the Hebron area

Soldiers took over a roof of a house (belonging to Ahmed al-Masri) in Dura, turning the house into a military outpost.

In addition, the IOF raided Yata and Halhoul, and set up another checkpoint at the entrance to Idhna. This morning the army set up another checkpoint between Dura and the village of Kum, where soldiers detained passers by under the blazing son and stopped vehicles to conduct a search.