Masked settlers bind & assault an Israeli solidarity activist

Via @Ta’ayush


A solidarity activist was severly attacked while documenting the illegal constrcution works at Abigail oupost . The activist was attacked by three masked men who bound and blindfolded him while beating him up. The attackers stole his ID , cellphone and 2 cameras that were in his possesion.  The attackers read out loud his private information they obtained from him, and threatened to reach his home and harm his family.

Security forces present at the scene did not interevene to stop the attack.

The activist is currently filing a complaint at the local police station.

This attack marks an escalation in settlers’ violence towards Israeli left wing activists, while their actions of terrorism towards Palestinians are well known and documented yet mostly ignored by the global and local media and the Israeli security forces.

source:  (hebrew)


5 responses to “Masked settlers bind & assault an Israeli solidarity activist

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  3. Squatter scum, zionist thugs!

  4. Every barbaric act by these fascists thugs is another step towards their demise.

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