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watch: Israeli police violently arrest students during a peaceful protests

Video posted by Sara Beninga on facebook

  ( Summary- This wednsday 6/03/2013 a group of Balad (A tajamoua) activists held a peaceful demonstration in support of the political prisoners of Palestinian prisoners at Har Hatzofim, hebrew university campus, Jerusalem. After the protest ended, the police assaulted and arrested 3 of the protests’ leader. The arrestees were released the day after with no charges

Eight Bet safafa protesters are still under arrest, court discussion today -Update

Bet Safafa Facebook page reports that residents of Bet Safafa protested against the planned route of road number 4 at Dov Hoz street, east Jerusalem today. The protest was pre- coordinated earlier with the Police. Despite that, police cavalry were deployed to disperse the protest, chased the protesters and injured 3 of them. Undercover policemen disguised as  protesters were spotted in the crowd attempting to provoke the protesters. 8  protesters were arrested while standing on the pavement of them 1 is a minor. The people of Bet Safafa are currently protesting in front of Moriyah police station, Talpiot. Bet Safafa FB page updated that the minor has been released.

12:23 cairo time-2.3.2013

7 Protesters from Bet Safafa are still held in custody. There will be a court discussion today regarding the extension of their arrest. The  people of Bet Safafa call on solidarity protest vigil in front of court. Accurate time and location to be announced later.

Thousands of settlers march through East Jerusalem

In an act of provocation, settlers accompanied by IOF (including horse-mounted police) marched this evening through the old city of Jerusalem and near Damascus gate. When local Palestinian youth protested against the march, the IOF responded with excessive force. Two young Palestinian protesters were arrested. (via عين على الحدث on Facebook)

Settlers destroy vines and lands near Bethlehem

Owners of the land in al-Khader were surprised when on Monday morning, settlers entered the area, dug a trench and a trail, thus destroying about 50 vines in the process. This comes at the heels of recent land expropriations which settlers have taken over and now beginning to built structures and inhabit them in order to establish a new outpost.

UPDATED: IOF arrested protest leader in Nabi Saleh, 3 activists

Tamimi Press (on Facebook) just reported that Abu Hussam al-Tamimi of the local popular committee was arrested by the IOF during the weekly Friday demonstration.

UPDATE: two international and one Israeli solidarity activists were also arrested at Nabi Saleh. (via PNN Network on Facebook) They remain in custody overnight and will be brought before a judge Saturday evening.

Earlier, the IOF arrested Majed ‘Abd al-Muamin during the demonstration in Kufr Qaddum while physically assaulting him. (via عين على الحدث on Facebook)

A video of the arrest:

Stones hurled near Damascus Gate; clashes ensued

According to חדשות בזמן אמת – 24 שעות ביממה on Facebook, stones were hurled at a few fire engines that arrived to a scene of a fire near Damascus Gate, East Jerusalem. The IOF dispersed the protesters with tear gas. Two people are reportedly injured.

Hundreds of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals demonstrated in Susya

Hundreds gathered today in Susya, southeast of Hebron, to protest the impending demolition of the village and in show of solidarity with local inhabitants. The protest was organized by a coalition of organizations (Solidarity, Ta’ayush, Tarabut, Rabbis for Human Rights) in coordination with the local committee. In addition, members of the Hebron Defense Committee and delegates from Bil’in were in attendance. Protesters marched from the current location of the village to lands that had been previously expropriated, carrying Palestinian flags and banners, and chanting in Arabic, Hebrew and English, where they were met with several IOF jeeps and foot soldiers and police officers, who brutally tried to suppress the march and push them back towards the village. When protesters stood their ground the IOF used stun grenades and tear gas, which caused several injuries, including one 18 year old Israeli activist who was rushed to the hospital sustaining a head injury from a stun grenade. A skunk truck was also present, and although it was constantly aiming at protesters to intimidate them, the IOF refrained from actually using it.

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IOF brutally suppressed nonviolent protest in Beit Ummar; one man arrested

The IOF attacked participants in the weekly demonstration in Beit Ummar. The demonstrators, Palestinian, Israeli and internationals, were carrying banners in support of the hunger striking footballer and political prisoner Mahmoud Sarsak, and even attempted to simulate a football match as a form of protest, when the soldiers violently attacked them and arrested Saqr Sadiq Abu Maria (42) and led him into the nearby settlement, Karmei Tsur.

Photos by Shira Ramer (@3kotki)

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Via @Animer: Palestinian workers protest at Al Jamaleh checkpoint

(source: wafa)

#palhunger 11.06.2012 protests round up

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Palestinians take part in a rally in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoner Mahmoud Sarsak in the West Bank city of Ramallah, on June 11, 2012. Sarsak, who is a former player of the Palestinian national team, has entered his 88th hunger strike day against his administrative detention without a charge in Israeli prison.

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Protest in support of Mahmud Sarsak, Ofer prison, Jun. 11, 2012


More on Jerusalem protest for hunger striking



Over 20 students from the ‘We Are All Hana Shalabi’ campaign in Scotland joined Palestinian activists today in a protest against the complicity of the British government in Israel’s apartheid regime. The demonstration was held specifically to highlight the cases of Palestinian hunger strikers Mahmoud Sarsak (84 days) , Akram Al-Rehwai (60 days) and Samer Al-Barq (23 days). Palestinian national footballer Sarsak and Rekhawi are in a ‘very severe’ condition according to Anat Litvin from Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) Israel and in danger of imminent death.

The protest began at the International Red Cross building in Sheikh Jarrah, before the activists marched to the nearby British Consulate, chanting for the freedom of Palestinian prisoners in Arabic and English. Among those protesting was Atallah Hanna, the Archbishop of Sebastia from the Orthodox Patriachate of Jerusalem. The activists held banners reading “Free Sarsak, Free Palestine” and “Boycott G4S – Boycott Israel”…

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